Does Naviate take a license on startup ?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

When starting Revit together with Naviate, we will check if there is Naviate licenses allocated to your user login.

That check will make sure to have the correct Naviate ribbons visible or greyed out, depending on what type of licenses you have been allocated by your licenses admin.

We will never take a license when logging into Revit and Naviate. The license will be taken (allocated) first time when you start (click) a feature in Naviate. 

Access to a license


Not access to a license


Help will always be available.

Release a Naviate license

There is two (2) ways to release a Naviate license from your computer.

Number one:

  1. Go to Help and your user. Then choose "Naviate Logout" 

You will get this message


To access Naviate again you need to restart Revit again.


To get access to Naviate again, you need to restart your Revit session and log in with your user credentials.

Number two

End your Revit session and the Naviate license(s) will be returned to the license server.

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