Load Parameters from Specialist

1 min. readlast update: 02.26.2024

Before being able to load the data from the specialist model, it’s necessary to have the same parameters in both the models. It’s necessary to load the Revit parameters agreed upon in the current project. This needs to be done once.

  1. Go to the Insert tab, and use "Insert views from File".

  2. Browse to the saved Parameter file which was sent by the specialist. In this example, it has been saved on the desktop and name “00 RequirementParameters”
  3. Select OK on both dialogue boxes.
    Note. Make sure there doesn’t exist a schedule with the same name as the schedule the specialist has sent.

  4. All parameters defined in the schedule are now loaded. It's possible to remove the schedule from the project.


Now all the parameters are copied to the model, as Shared Parameters, connected to the Categories assigned by the specialist.

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