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Not receiving Naviate trial email?

When you are requesting a trial on our Naviate products you don't receive the trial email with the links to dowload the product


It could be several reasons why you don't receive that email.

  1. Make sure that your email provider accepts emails from info@naviate.com
  2. Check the email provide in the Form Submission, it could be misspelled.
  3. You have previously downloaded a trial on that product. You only allowed to request a trial once. If you need additional time to try out Naviate, please contact you sales contact in Symetri or send us an email on info@naviate.com 
  4. Your email is set to "Unengaged". That happens if you don't click on the communication emails we are sending to you. When your email has the status Unengaged we are not allowed, according to GDPR to send you an email. 
  5. You need to activly subscribe on News from Symetri to change the "Unengaged Status". Then we are able to send out the trial email to you.

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