Revit Cloud Worksharing not working 2023

1 min. readlast update: 11.06.2023

 Relevant for Naviate 2023 users that have installed Revit 2023.1 Update 1 (or later)


We have had a bit of an unfortunate situation after Autodesk released the update on their Cloud Collaboration tools in Revit 2023.1 Update 1 (or later). Our Naviate user is not able to access / link their cloud project after that update. Neither create new cloud workshared project.

We have seen that we have a version conflict on the Newtonsoft.Json.dll file, that we both are using.



There is two ways to fix this problem 

  1. Uninstall all Naviate applications (including Help and Accelerate) and download and install 23.1.3 versions .
  2. Manually remove the file Newtonsoft.Json.dll from Naviate Dll folder (C:\Program Files\Symetri\Naviate\Revit 2023\Dll) before applying Naviate 23.1.3 update to solve the problem.


We are not able to install an earlier version of the dll-file. So we have to remove that dll file already installed, by either 1. uninstall all Naviate or 2. manually remove the file and update.

We are sorry for the inconvience this is causing our Naviate users.

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