Use Property Set in a Pipe MultiLabel

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

Civil 3D labels can use Property sets to display more information than what is available from the objects. This is available for many different Civil 3D objects, the example below is a pipe label created for Naviates MultiLabel.  

Inside the Label Style Composer, in the Contents-dialog, select the Property Sets tab and then you can select the Property Set and Property to add to the label. 

Note that this setting is sometimes not carried over when the label style is copied between drawings. For instance the Multilabel function imports specific label styles when the command starts from the Naviate Support folder NVPipeMultiLabel. When Pipe Label Styles are imported this way, the label looses the connection to the property set. The user needs to go into the Label Style and select the Property from the Property Set one time, after that the Label Style works as intended.

The Label Style can ofcourse be set up in the template beforehand, then it will always work. 


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