How to activate your Naviate license - Offline

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This describes how you can activate you Naviate license offline.

Prerequisite: You must have a Naviate Singel (SLM) license in your subscription contract.


  • License Portal                                                              
  • Offline computer                                           
  • Symetri offline activation tool                             
  • Generate license activation code                  
  • Request code                                                           
  • Adding request code in the License Portal     
  • Activate the offline computer     

License Portal    

If you have been assigned a Singel-User license you can do this process yourself. An admin can ofcourse do it as well. Just make sure that the license is assigned the actual user. So - Go to my licenses.


Click on the 3 dots on the right in your view and choose Activate. 


Click on "Activate" and this dialouge will pop-up. 


Provide this license key to the one that is activating the offline computer(s). You can easily do that by clicking “Copy to clipboard” button besides the License Key.

Next step will be to provide that License Key to the offline computer(s).

Offline computer

To be able to active a Naviate license on your local offline computer, there is some steps you need to take. It’s also important to be in contact with somebody that can add the key and information into the license in the license portal as well. 

You will need to move/transfer information going back and forth between the offline computer and the license portal to have the Naviate product fully working.

Symetri offline activation tool

  • Download the offline activation tool here. 

Install the activation tool on the computer(s) you would like to activate Naviate on. When installation is finished start Symetri Offline Activation. You will now see this dialogue. It will show you all Naviate products that are activated on this computer. Currently no product are activated on this machine. 

  • Click "New License"   

Generate license activation code

When you start "New License" the following dialogue will appear, and you have now started the first step in the process to generate a license activation code for this computer(s)

  • Select a product and enter your provided license key for that product
  • As soon as your license key is put in you hit the "Generate Code" button and you will get the request code for activating this license on the offline computer
  • At the same time, you will see the product will appear in your main window as Not activated

Request code

You have now 2 alternatives to provide that request code, to the one that is doing the work in the License Portal

  1. Copy to clipboard
  2. Email

Adding Request code in the License Portal

Once you've received a request code based on the license key you have given, it’s time to activate your license.

Go back to the license portal and paste the request code into that dialouge that you started in the beginning of the process. Then click "Validate code".


The view after activation will look like this if your activation have been sucessfull.


Activate the offline computer

The next step is done on the offline computer. You will receive the activation code from the License Portal by clicking the copy button.


Go back to the offline computer and click the “Activate” button  


 This dialogue will appear, you need to manually write or paste the supplied activation code. Then click "Activate". 

  • You will be redirected back to the main dialogue that confirms the activation of the offline license. 

If you click the Information icon (I) you will get more information about product and the license key you are using. That will correspond with the license key in the License Portal.


When the process is done, go back to the license portal and you can now see that instead of activate it says "Show Activation".


Will you ever need to remove an offline activation, please reach out to us on and as us to remove the offline activation. Then you are good to activate another computer.


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