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How to manage your licenses and users on Symetri License Portal.

The process for managing licenses changes for Naviate for Revit licenses on version 2022.1.1 and later upcoming releases, here's a detailed how to guide.


  • License Portal overview (Admin only)
  • How to invite users to your company (Admin only)
  • User management (Admin only)
  • My licenses

License portal overview

You have 4 different Tabs in the company overview.

  • Licenses
  • Expired licenses
  • User Directory
  • Administration


In the Licenses tab you will see all licenses registered to your company, Single User licenses and Multi-User licenses (Network).

For each product you will see available seats, license type and expiration date. On the left side you will always see how many of the assigned user, that currently are using the product. Metrics about peak usage last 30 days. Information about the license (license keys and assigned users) and a assign licenses icon.


Expired licenses

This tab will tell you if you have any expired Naviate licenses. You will not have the possibility to activate those. Please contact your sales representative within Symetri to renew them if needed.


User Directory

This is an overview of existing users that has been added to your company. When you click here for the first time it will only be you as an Admin that will be in this overview. You can add existing Symetri ID users (SSO) into your account.

When you have a big list of users in your directory, you can filter them by using the search field next to your “Add Users” button or use "Tag" to sort them (Tag's are created in the Administration Tab)



Under the Administration panel you will see 4 main topics

  1. Audit Logs - Capture all transactions / changes done in the portal
  2. Licenses - Configure Borrow License timerange
  3. Users - Possible to export a csv file on all users
  4. Tags - Create tags, like department, dicipline, city etc.

How to invite users to your company (Admin only)

As a admin at your company you will have the possibility to add users to your company. That could be done in two ways, either one-by-one or by using the “Import File” feature.

Click the “Invite / Import ” button under Users in the Administration tab.


Add users one-by-one

When you have clicked the “Invite Users” button you will have two choices. This is the firs one, adding users by typing their email addresses.

Type the email addresses on the users you would like to invite to your company and click “Invite Users”.


The users you have invited will now get a welcome email from Symetri that would need to accept.


Add users using Import File

When you have a lot of users you would like to invite to you company, we would recommend to use the “Drop the CSV file here or click to import ” option.


When clicking to import, you will be prompted to load a text, text or a csv file.


The file can have information as Name, Email, Dicipline etc. on the users you would like to import. The format is like this. All information is separated with comma.


You will need to configure the fields you are importing.


The import is processed in the background and will appear as green when processed.


All invited users will appear as not verified until they have accepted the invitation. 


NOTE: If a user fail to verify within 5 working days, you need to contact Symetri to re-send the verification email.

NOTE: All emails (users) that is not verfied within 90 days will be removed from the SSO (Symetri-ID)

User management (Admin only)

Company overview – Assign/unassign users to a license

From the overview you choose the “Licenses” Tab and click on assign user icon on the right side.


You will now be presented for this overview. Here you can see assigned and not assigned user on that specific Naviate product. You can use Tags or the search field to filter.


Choose users to add /remove by ticking them off in the view. Move them from Not assigned to Assigned by using the arrows in the middle.


Company Overview - Add/remove license on a user

This option could be very useful when you recently onboarded or got a new employee that you would like to assign several Naviate products to.

Go to the “User Directory” tab and pick the user you would like to manage. You do that by hovering over the License column on the user you would like to manage.


In this view you will see all the Naviate products in you company. You can now start adding/removing Naviate products on that users. It has the same interface as “Company overview – Assigned/unassigned licenses on users”.

You can quickly get a view what type of licenses “John Dory” have been assigned. In this example he has access to Naviate Structure and Naviate Architecture, both Multi-User licenses.

Next you can use the same process ticking on / off products on this user and use the arrows to assign/unassign Naviate products.


My licenses

Every user has their own area named “My Licenses”.

This is the page where every user can have a quick overview what type of licenses they have been assigned. It could be either a Single-User, Multi-User, Borrowed license or I can even be running some Trial licenses. All that information is presented in one single view.


You can use the arrows on the right side to investigate more on what license you have been assigned to.

When you click the arrows on the right side on one of the assigned products you will get this view. You will see the Product, License Key, Expiry date, License Type and if any licenses are used in the company.


Unassign myself from a license

You will also have the possibility to unassign yourself from this license if it’s not needed or it’s assigned you by a mistake.


If your company administrator has activated the borrow license fetaure. You will also be able to borrow the Multi-user license assigned to you. Number of days alllowed is set by your company admin in the "Adminstration" tab. Use the calendear to choose number of days you would like to have the license borrowed.