There are no piles available for numbering.

1 min. readlast update: 11.06.2023

You try to run the Pile Numebring feature in Naviate Structure


When running that fetaure you a prompted with this message, saying that there are no piles available for numbering. Eventhough you for sure know you have piles in your project.


You will get this message when you are using othe pile familys than the once comming from Naviate. The reason is that this feature is relaying on finding a shared parameter on that family to do the numbering.

So to solve this you need to make sure to add that shared parameter in to your Pile Family. So it looks like this. It could be either NVPile or CQPile as the parameter name.


So edit your Family and add that parameter as Shared in the Parameter Properties.


Now you should be able to run our Pile NUmebring feature without any messages.

Link to video on Youtube: How to fix "There are no piles available for numbering in the model" in Naviate

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